Missing Classmates



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Missing Classmates


Albany High School - Albany Georgia


NOTE: if you find no list for your class year, it has not been submitted.  In rare instances, an Indian will appear in two classes.  There are 3 reasons: 1) they stayed for another year to play football; 2) they started in one class, but graduated with another and consider BOTH their class; or a mistake has been made!  Always feel free to question.  We want to get it right!



(1) Please email your missing classmates' list, single spaced in "last name alpha order"- with first name, last name (girl's maiden names only)  

Example:  Johnny Appleseed

                  Melody Ann Bass

           Curtis Carter


(2) If you have additions, deletions or corrections, please send ONLY the changes, not the whole list - I'll insert or delete. 


(3) Please include your class contact name with email, phone or residence address.  


(4) Email to:  albanyhightimes@aol.com. 


***Refer to class lists below if you are not sure.  It makes a lot of extra work if you send in any other order.   Thanks!



To submit a single notification of a deceased classmate, email the full name "maiden included" plus class year and obituary if possible.  An email will be sent to the deceased's class, plus to classes of close family members.


Class of 1952                                                                                                                     

Jean Allen
Nellie Grace Carden
Louise Crumpton
Delphy Cross
Henry Dougherty
Joanne Dukes
Tom Feazell
Robert Frank
Sue Hoke
Robert Kalach
Karl Schilling

Class of 1953                                                                                                                     

Mary Virginia Brown

Raymond Nelson Darden

Claire Foster

Ann Hammock

Carrie Alice Harrell

Paula Jones

Edwin Lee Manderson

Ann McTigue

James Donald Orr

Nell Joyce Potts

William Powell

Glynette Myers (Scott)

Jean Spurlin (Dowdy)

Ollie Bea Sulgrove

Thomas L. Walker

R. E. or Reginald Watson

James Eugene Williams

Class of 1954                                                                                                                  

Sammy Bell
Elaine Boynton
Billie Brown
Lavinia Brown
Jerry Copas
Marlynn Davis
Betty Dunn
Anita Watkins Ellis
Dianne Farris
Margaret Freeman
Marilyn Glenn
Johnny Gordon
Bill Harwell
Betty Ruth Howell
Betty Jean Howerton
Margit Elizabeth Lagerstrom
Frank "Buzzy" Lamb
Sammy Long                           
Charles McDowell
James Mobley
Raymond Olshefski
Allie Ruth Quinton
Faye Rhodes
Katie Ryals
Burma Jean Sparkman
Peggy Sweat
Billy Vaughn
Martha Whatley
Charles White
Joan Wills
Jan Wimmer

Class of 1955                                                                                                                     

Thomas Max Anderson
Arnoldine Ash
Diana Sue Barnes
Faye Bates
John H. Bishop
Gloria Bradshaw
Lillian Bryant  
Gail Butler
William Edward Campbell
Janie Wylene Chambless
Faye Cone
Mary Jo Crosby
Gladys Cushenbery (Summerlin)
Sidney Lee Davis
Bob Wilton Driggers
Walter Duncan
Wayne Eubanks  
Martin Fincher
Betty Haldeman
Gray Harden
William Henderson
Elizabeth Ann Holman  
Don Ingram 
Mary Leggette  
James Clifford Martin, Jr.
Reba Mauldin
Wynette Morgan
James A. Powell
Kay Power (White)
Karen Frances Poyner
Sarah Ann Rhodes
Dorothy Shealy (Calley)
Nel Smith
Tommy Spurlin
Jan Wills
Joyce Willis
Jimmy H. Wingate
Janice Woods

Class of 1956                                                                                                                     

Jane Bailey
Hazel Blount
Janice Crock (Workman)
Phillip (Phil) Fagan
Bobby Ferrell
Barbara Hudson
William Lewis
Vernell McDuffie
Connie Marie Peel
Ada Lou Perry
Herman Roberts
Charles Dwight Slocumb
Cecil Smith
Marcia Stephens
Charles J. Stubbs
Justine Edith Taylor
Clara Nelle Varner (Freeman)
Catherine Wilmer
Arlene Wooten

Class of 1957                                                                                                                    

Margaret Virginia Bass
Joan Elizabeth Ellington
Mary Jeanette Gordy
Sharon Lee Grimes
Kathleen Dee Howard (Helms)
Frances Ada Howell
Emma Louise Hyde
Joann Justiss
Nancy June Kennedy
John Lewis Mclendon
Carolyn Minnie Peak
Mary Lorene Shively
Joe Allen Sikes
Loretta Ann Slay
Vicki Ann Thayer
Martha Ann Turley
Stephen Reed Vaughn
Marcia R. Witham (Dolloff)

Class of 1958                                                                                                                  

Ted Barfield
William Cloud 
James Colquitt
Tommy Courson
Bill Crawford
Laura Gray Roper
Richard Gill
Peggy Harrell
Patsy Hart
Charles Howell
Franklin Jackson
Margaret Johns Robinson
Agnes Melvin Landrum             
Mattie Lynn
Carol Magnan
Darrell Martin
Rosemary McCulley
Doyle McLeod
Julie McNeal
Agnes Melvin Landrum
Ernest Miller
Sandra Moncrief Frances
Marlene Gwendolyn Moore
Barbara O'Keefe
Betty Parker
Tom Rawlings
William Frank Rose 
Mike Shuttleworth
Ann Smith Rogers
Winkie Tucker
Quinnon S. Walker
Bill Warren

Class of 1960                                                                                                                    

Jewel Adams (Williams)
Audrey Ash (Pisciotti)
Mary Donna Autry (Whildon)
Zara Ball (Phillips)
Janice  Barnes
Rebecca  Beach
Adrana  Bergmann
Charles M. Bradwell
Virginia  Branch
Lennie  Brown
Wanda Bruner (Andrews)
Bessie Cannon (Tripp)
Ann  Carlton
Dawn Clegg (Yancy)
Joan  Collins
Ronald  Cook
Douglas  Daniel
Randall  Daniel
Diane  Daniels
Betty Jean  Darnell
Douglas  Davidson
Frances  Davis
Trina Davis (Camano)
Boyce Dewy Edwards
Larry  Fisher
Sammy Garrison
Betty Gasset
Ophelia George
Rachel Gilbert
James Givens
Betty Grant (Watkins)
Gladys Griffin
Jerry  Hall
Bobby  Hart
Dale  Holland
Janice Houston (Lee)
Wayne Tim Hutchinson
Nanette  Johnson
George  Keel
Marvel  Keller
Judy Kelley (Reynolds)
Donn  Kelly
Marianne  Kempner
Gloria  King
Carol  Knight
Larry  Lake
Barbara Anne Lawrence (Moore)
Patricia  Lee
Howard Lamar Lominec
Stella  Marshall
Barbara Matthews (Povlot)
Gerald Joseph McCarthy
Patricia  McLaughlin
Gary  Morris
Betty  Nail
William Lamar Nesmith
Woody Lyn Newman
Arthur  Nickell
Ralph E. Noland
Jimmy  Norris
Patsy Annette Norris
Suzanne Pain (Collins)
Bill  Patterson
Carol Jean  Pitts
Pamela  Roberts
Carroll Ross (Holman)
James Roger Selph
Charles  Shuttleworth
Phyllis  Smith
Gale  Stearman
Mac  Stinson
Linda  Stocks
Miriam  Taylor
William Edward Taylor
Alvin  Tisdale
Robert David Tison
Charles  Walker
Jeanette Walker
Stanley  Walker
Barbara Wilson (McGarvie)
Mary  Wilson

Class of 1961                                                                                                                  

Danny Ray Anglin
Leonard Ray Applegate
Louise Maxine Baggett
Carol Joyce Bard
Eddie Jean Barfield
George Charles Barker, Jr.
Laura Helena Barnhart
Helen Jeanne Barrington
Roger Wright Baucum
Susan Lynn Bishop
Larry Blackwell
Claudia Elizabeth Blankenship
Gary Don Booker
Charles Ray Brittain
Brenda Joyce Brooks
Martha Jayne Burnham
William Washington Busbee, III
Judith Elizabeth Cain
Carolyn Jane Carver
Bobby Chazen
Carolyn Jean Clark
Tina Louise Clark
Charles Edward Cloud
Ronnie Cole
Myrtle Corley
Juanita Lee Corliss
Mary Louise Cox
Irma Janice Crosson
Charles Richard Crumbley
Elizabeth Jane Davis
Joyce Elaine Davis
Sandra Anne Davis
Jerry Troy Davis
Audrey Kenneth Davis
Conald Charleton Dixon
Gloria Irene Elliott
Mary Farrar
Robert Harrison Fowler, II
John Spurgeon Freeman, Jr.
Sidney George
Carol Jean Graebener
Patricia Ann Hansen
Barbara Ann Hatcher
Barbara Ann Hayes
Charles High
Dennis Powell Horne, Jr.
Bill Hutto
Robert Woodrow Jett
David Julian Johnson
Luther Jones
Virginia Lee Jones
Joyce Julian
Lou Ann Kahn
Michale Thomas Lafon
Barbara Anne Leggette
Rembert Lee Lightner
Billie Jewel Lindsey
Donna Mae Luurisema
John Wayne McClure
Henry McGuire
John Edward McLendon
Barbara Jo Maddox
Carolyn Jane Martin
Robert Thad Matson
Mae June Mills
William Wallace Morris
Alice Elizabeth Owens
James Walter Parker
Margaret Christine Parker
Barbara Diane Patrick
Bobbie Elizabeth Paul
Barbara Pope
Katherine Powell
Anne Christine Richardson
Jerry G. Roberts
Frank Russell
Linda Faye Saucier
Wayne Merle Shiflet
Mary Constance Simpson
Phyllis Annette Singleton
Lenie Weldon Smith, Jr.
Ronald Glasgow Snider
Robert Sidney Spivey
Carol Lee Stevenson
Patricia Anne Stewart
Ronald Vincent Stewart
Marion Joanne Stokes
Norman Mark Sweet
William Roy Swenson, Jr.
Elizabeth Ellen Taylor
Peggy Taylor
Terry Owen Thayer
Elaine Mary Thibodeau
Donald Wayne Tingle
Joel James Tolbert
Bobby Neill Tomlinson
Ann Tucker
Susan Antoinette Ujhelyi
Charles Eugene Vann
Martha Kay Wallace
Gilbert Lawrence Weilisch
Judith Raye Weston
Beverly Rose Williams
Edward Lunsford Williams
Robert Williams
Bernice Thompson Willis
Bruce Leroy Willis

Class of 1962                                                                                                                   

Randy Adams

Joyce Avera

John Harold Baker

Leonard Hardin Bale

Frankye Barbre

Opal Barfield

Bill Bass

Bert Benz

James Braswell

Judy Broderick

George L. Brooks

Ray Bruner

Sharon Marie Buckley

Johnny Cannon

Frances Cappadocia

Anthony Cardona

Celides Cardona

Mary Lou Cates

Sandra Clark

Andy Clements

Jacquelyn Codding

Allen Cole

Jerry Daniel

James Payne Darnell

Doug Davis

Virginia Joyce Davis

Diana Louise Dietsch

Kathie Embree

Julie Fleming

Ronald Fleming

Lucien Frederick

Francis Neil Freeman

Margaret Griffin

Allen Peter Gunn

Rene Hall

Sara Hall

Linda Hansen

Ed Hart

Randall Hatcher

Tony Hayes

Penny Heeth

Karen Henrickson

Bill Henson

Charles High

Dianne Hinson

Tommy Hinton

Virginia Israel

M.R. Jeffryes

Joette Johnson-Piquette

Kenneth Johnson

Lamar  Johnson

Raymond Johnson

Elizabeth Jones

George Jones

Joe Jones

June Kiser

Priscilla Knight

Leonard LaCagnin

Ken Lanier

Jean LeGwin

Jack Lewis

Judy L'Hereasult

Dina Lloyd

Cynthia Lynes

John S. MacKey, Jr.

Diane Magill

Bill Malloy

Walter D. Martin, III

Skip Mason

Mike McCormick

Deanie McDermott

Gene McElroy

Pat McGinty

Henry McGuire

Paul Meredith

Don Miller

Jakie Milling

Hubert Mitchell

Caroline Mock

Dorothy Morey

Tom Nance

Alan Nicholas

Barbara Nipper

Rayleen O'Sheal

Hal Ownes

Terri Parker

Jerry Parramore

Phil Peacock

Judy Pelham

Sheila Pennywhit

Marion Perry

Bud Plummer

Joyce Puckett

Pam Reynolds

Linda Rogers

Larry Sanchez

Robert M. Sanders

Betty Sessions

Jim Simonton

Priscilla Smith

Thomas Smith

Grady Stallings

Cary Stokes

Janet Stowe

Bonnie Swain

Jane Tanner

Joann Thompson

Darlene Thompson-Wilson

Betty Veber

Helen Vinsant

Judy Walker

Robert E. Whitney

Dennis Wilkinson

Chester Wilson

Judith Ann Winchester

Majorie Helen Wingate


Class of 1963                                                                                                                

Martha Kay Anderson

Ann Addison Apperson

Jean Bass

William Mitchell Bass

Tommy Bates

Bobbie Baughn

Dale Best

Raymond Floyd Bird

Barbara Jean Black

Cheryl Ann Booher

George Craig Bosley, Jr.

Theodora Nichols Bowen

Mary Yvonne Brannon

Linda Lee Buckley

Judy Carolyn Byrd

Tanya Gayle Byrd

Millicent Gail Cannon

Joe Zeb Carver

Marie Chester

Patricia Ann Clements

Kay Cline

Patricia Ann (Pat) Conley

Georgia Ann Contos

Jonny Crawford

Carol Jayne Croker

Ruth Elizabeth Cross

Ralph Ellis Daniel

Annette Phillips Davis

Pat Boone Dickey

Wayne Dollar

Patricia Jean (Patty) Downs

William Brantley Edwards

James Carlton Elkins

Charlotte Faye Fannin

David Ferrell

Eugene Alvin Foerster

Jerry Wayne Frazier

Anne Christine Furchner

Betty Murry Goldman

Richard Granger

Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Greene

Kenneth Randall (Randy) Grimsley

Sandra Kay Guthrie

John Oliver Hall

John Charles (Chuck) Harris

Linda Janett Herndon

Evelyn Faye Howell

Willie Frank (Mickey) Jackson

James Michael (Jim) Jeffery

Sister JoyAnne Julia Veronica Jensen

Arthur Morton Johns

Cheryl Sue (Sherry) Johnson

Sallie Wortham Jones

Charles Bernard (Chuck) Jones, Jr.

Marie Anita Jordan

Bland Kenny

Sandra Jean Liles

Gainell Majorado

Laura Mae Marshall

Stephen James (Steve) Martin

Chapple May

Shirley Ann McCutcheon

Alice Olivia McMichael

William Frederick (Freddie) McNeff

Carla McWilliams

Andrea Marie Mitchell

Richard Jay (Ricky) Montgomery, II

Lydia Ann Musselwhite

Alona Standridge O’Neal

Harrold Knight Owens, III

Brenda Lou Page

Merrill Durward Payton, Jr.

Faye Lanette Porter

William Powers

James Francis (Jimmy) Powers

Gerald Martin Reid

Bette Ruth Rodriguez

Zoraida Rodriguez

Janet Pauline Rottmann

Peggy Davis Sell

Leila Elizabeth Smith

Philip Speer

Becky Standish

William Thomas (Bill) Stewart

Elaine Strickland

Romaine Szafran

Bardy Tante

Kaye Joiner Taylor

Richard William (Rick) Taylor

William Walker (Billy) Terry

Fredrick Hubert (Fred) Tetro, Jr.

Louis Seth Tharin

Faith Anne Thompson

Sandra Hatcher Thompson

Linda Cooper Timmons

Patty Turner

William Lee Turner

Barbara (Barb) Tynes

Stephanie Olga (Pizxie)Ujhelyi

Joseph Raymond (Ray) Vannier, Jr.

Rebecca Ann Waddell

Russell Eugene (Gene) Webb

Carole Elizabeth Wendt

Richard Charles West

Victor Paul (Vic) White

Andre Whitney

Robert Earl (Eli) Whitney

Brenda Hatcher Williamson

Class of 1964                                                                                                                

Sheran Anstice

Edward Apperson

Paula Arthur

Ronald Atteberry

Luvene Baggett

Allen Bailey

Joleen Bailey

Joyce Barker

Tommy Bates

Dale Best

Jean Borella

Travis Boyett

Ted Broadwell

Linda Brooks

Daryl Brooks

Dan Brooks

Frankie Bruner

David Butler

Gene Caneiglia

Danny Carlton

Heinz  Carver

Lee Christian

Mary Alice Cloud

Ronald Cockroft

Monica Conlan

Wayne Cook

Anna Lora Cook

William Cox

Ralph Craig

Dick Crawford

George Crawley

Linda Sue Croom

Carolyn Curles

David Danford

Tommy Davis

Pat Davis

Donna Dean

Paul Denson

Alnita Drawdy

James DuBose

Terrianna DuBose

Tommy Dukes

Billy Edwards

Kenneth Edwards

Fay Elliot

Laura Jean Endebrock

Richard Evans

David Ferrell

Richard Fiegel

Byron H. Fitzpatrick

Rosemary Flint

Stephen Foster

Elsie Fuller

George Furtade

Gloria Futral

Mary Ann Gibson

Mary Gilbert

Diane Gillespie

Mike Gilliam

Cecilia Goddard

Richard Gore

James Graham

Diane Gray

Walter Grey,  Jr.

Judy Griffith

Vickie Gualtiere

Malcom Haas

Stella Diana Hagler

Johnny Hall

Jamie Hammond

Jack Handley

Beverly Harris

Kathryn Haskell

John  Hewett

John Hibbard

Maria Hines

David Holland

Eddie Hollingsworth

Clyde Hoover

Diane Horne

Flash Howard

Martha Hudson

Richard Huff

Toni Huff

Carl Hunter

Janice Jarrell

Martha Jenkins

Carolyn Johnson

Jo Ann Johnston

Jimmy Jones

Danny Jones

George Jones

John Justice

Marcia Kidd

Harlow King

Marilyn King

Madge Kinnett

Susan Kluender

Marti Knapp

Karen Lee

Risa Levine

Bob Lloyd

Beverly MacElroy

John Maguire

Dennis Mallory

Laura Maquire

Ann Marshall

Darryl Mayo

Gayle McClure

Harry McGill

Bill McGinty

Bruce McGlinchey

Chery McLaughlin

Sharon McLemore

Ferrell McMillan

Margaret McMullen

Freddy McNeff

Robert McPherson

Cliff Melton

Vincent Messer

Pat Miller

Evelyn Miller

Gail Miller

James Mills

Frankie Minter

Sam Mobley

George Moody

Ingram Morgan

Paul Morrison

James Morton

Carolee Muncey

Judy Murray

Susan Murray

Victor Muse

Penny Musgrove

Karen Nelson

Mary Alice Nowell

Deanna Odom

Monroe O'Hara

Anita Owens

Michael Padget

Linda Sue Page

John Patterson

Larry Pattillo

Randy Pennington

Douglas Perkins

Lawrence Peterson

Sharon Petty

Pam Plummer

Don Pope

Sherry Post

Helen Powell

Donna Probst  Smith

Bill Ramsey

Benjy Rawlings

George Reddick

Steve Reese

James Riordan

Gail Rogers

Dickie Rosser

Bill Russell

Myra Sampson

Ann  Sawyer

Sandra Sayler

James Schneiders

Mary Schroder

Alton Shiver

Shirley Simmons

Billy Simonton

Jesse Sims

Joe Skelton

Ken Skinner

James Smith

Linda Smith

Ralph Sparks

Diane Spearman

Judy Speer

Bowman Spencer

Billy Spivey

Aloma Standrige

Jerry Stenson

Barbara Stewart

Ricky Stowe

Diana Suggs

Woody  Swancutt

Mae  Swope

Elaine Tanner

Sally Thomas

Chris Thomlinson

Jackie Thornton

Wynell Thornton

Lenore Tollett

Jack Toole

? Travis

Bill Turner

Joseph Vance

Peggy Vick

Ted Vinson

Danny Vivia

Sharon Wade

Sharon Walker

Beverly Ward

Dale Williams

Kathy Williams

Robert Williams

Linda Ann Wilson

Bob Wright

William Wright

Class of 1965                                                                                                               

Richard Adamson

Mitchell Akins

Irene Armstrong

Randy Arthur

Marie Arthur

Jim Atkins

Bobby Bamford

Vincent Basko

Billy Bass

Eloise Bass

Sherry Bassett

Gene Berry

Teresa Boney

Leila Bouie

Berry Bowman

Gardner Brooks

Harry Bullington

Yveta Byrd

James Caldwell

Peggy Carter

Charles Cecil

Steve Clark

Marsha Clark

Patsy Cline

Jimmy Collins

Jesse Cone

Michael Conlan

Johnnie Connell

Darrell Cook

Wynelle Cox

Tommy Daniel

Ronald Davis

James Davis

Katrine Davis

Mary Jean Davis

Lonnie Davis

? Dayton

Joye Deen

Anne Dell'Ario

Billy Deloach

Tanya Dew

Linda Edge

Betty Ervin

Delores Everton

Carol Farr

Larry Farrell

Johnnie Faulkner

Barbara Ferguson

Jeanene Frazier

Jim Futral

Linda Giddens

Craig Gillis

Barbara Gnehm

Kenneth Graebener

George Greathouse

Kenneth Greene

Billy Grimes

Larry Gryder

Danny Hall

Gail Haney

Gareth Hansen

Ben Hardee

Mary Ann Hardy

Virginia Harper

Robert Harris

Sharyn Hatcher

Julian Heeth

Linda Heiland

Charles Henry

Ray Hensley

Diane Hewett

Martha Hiers

David Hillard

Wayne Hodges

Ronnie Horne

Patsy House

Nancy Hughes

Biff Jennings

Jerry Johnson

Mike Johnson

Viola Johnson

Brenda Johnson

Carol Joines

Ledell Jones

Stanley Jones

Donald Julian

Robert Kagy

Charles King

Shirley Ann Klemmer

Susie Langtry

Richard Lewis

Linda Lewis

Mark Little

Clifton London

Bill MacElroy

Laura Malphurs

Nick Manual

Wesley Maples

James Martin

Johnnie Martin

Walter Mathis

Hilda Mauldin

Kit McMillan

Skipper McRae

Charlene Middleton

Renee Middleton

Ralph Milam

Ronnie Miller

Tommy Milner

Akins Mitchell

Sara Mock

Tommy Moore

Becky Morris

Laura Nason

David Nichols

Derry Oliver

Phyllis Newell

Edwin Roberts

Alan Ross

Gene Saylor

Mike Sims

Danny Smith

Walter Smith

Jimmy Thornton

Everett Thrall

Gary Wisham

Rick Young

Joel Young

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